Benefits of Cannabis Delivery


Many Depend on it...

Cannabis delivery is an important part of our industry. Many of our medical marijuana patients depend on it due to mobility and medical concerns. Our industry also depends on it as many vendors' main source of business comes from delivery services.

Community Acceptance

Community Acceptance

Delivery services do not disrupt normal neighborhood activity as they do not bring more foot traffic to the area. This solves the negative effect and communities are not as resistant to delivery services - "Not In My Backyard" is not a barrier for delivery services.

Increased ACcess

Many patients have decreased mobility or are too ill to get their medicine from a brick & mortar dispensary. Cannabis delivery services increase patient access and allows patients to get safe and reliable cannabis.


Improved Diversity

The low barriers of entry for a delivery service allows for more diversity in the industry making it a win-win situation. Supporting small business and increased ownership by populations that have difficulty raising capital. 

Job Creation

Delivery services are employment intensive businesses. They rely on large numbers of drivers, managers, and other organized labor positions to operate properly. Allowing cannabis delivery services increases opportunities for job creation.

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Increased Tax revenue

Revenue from deliveries are anticipated to be high and would help fill any budget shortfalls. Without delivery regulations the state perpetuates the black market for our industry which results in lost tax revenues.

Increased Patient privacy

Cannabis delivery services are the most discreet way to access cannabis. There is no need for a patient, that prefers to keep health concerns private, to risk being seen entering or exiting a dispensary.


Lower Crime rates

Delivery services do not operate public storefronts making them a lesser target for crime.