Who is the San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance?

Established in 2017, SDCDA formed to fill a gap in public and political presence for the burgeoning cannabis delivery industry of San Diego. SDCDA is a membership organization unifying delivery services in San Diego city and county, in expectation of legalization and licensure in 2018.


Our Mission

San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance’s (SDCDA) mission is to ensure public safety and reasonable access to cannabis medicine through a network of legal delivery services in San Diego city and county.

What We Plan to Achieve - Goals

  • Lobby the Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation (BMCR) to create a delivery only license category.
  • Develop a code of conduct to assist San Diego delivery operators effectively self-regulate.
  • Brand SDCDA as a trade organization for an accredited cannabis delivery service industry.
  • Act as a resource for responsible business operators seeking guidance through the 2018 AUMA/MCRSA regulatory process.
  • Educate and lobby local and state representatives of the importance of cannabis delivery through networking events and community outreach.
  • Unify San Diego delivery services in a collective voice to rally with other progressive cannabis alliances statewide.
  • Advocate for San Diego delivery service interests in Sacramento and beyond.